Hardware compatibility

  • Hello,
    I am interested in purchasing a license of f.luxometer, as it works with i1 meters.
    I just would like to know if I necessarily have to own a i1 Studio meter, or if any other model from i1 would be compatible with the software.
    I am asking because I already own a i1 Display Pro meter, which basically does the same thing as the i1 Studio.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback !

  • @dvassart Unfortunately the retail i1DisplayPro only works with x-rite's software packages, and if you want to use one like it with our software we can send you their "OEM" version.

    There's an important advantage to getting the i1Studio because it has 40 channels rather than the 3 channels in the i1Display, so it's a true spectrometer.

    If you have an i1Pro/2, we do support that meter as-is, but it is quite a bit more expensive.

  • @herf Thanks for your reply... I guess I'll have to get an i1 Studio then.

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