Windows 10 f.lux 4.111 Installation Issue

  • I am wondering if there is a way to install for multiple users on the same computer? When someone else logs into my computer, they can't see f.lux at all.

    Thank you.

  • I am wondering, too.

    Often, installers ask whether to install for all users, or just for an individuel user of the computer. Maybe one could think of adapting the installer accordingly?

    However, even if f.lux could be installed "globally" for all users, there would be two further options: (i) each user should have the possibility to adjust the app to his/her own needs and preferences, or (ii) the settings made by one user apply to each user at a time.

    On a box with several "users" such as a normal user, an admin, a backup-user, a special user for banking and the like, which are in fact, however, the same real person, option (ii) would be really quite nice ...

  • Our enterprise version does install for all users, but due to issues with updates, limited users, etc., we kept everything per-user in the personal use version.

  • The installer is created by NSIS thus you can use command lines to customize the installation folder

    flux-setup. /D=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Flux

    You can refer to for details.

    Another minor issue observed is that after keeping flux running under %ProgramFiles(x86)% or %ProgramFiles%, clicking the "Update" button from the 4.118 update notification will do nothing. That may be caused by a lack of administrator priviledge. In that case, remember to rerun it as adminstrator or disable the update notification.

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