Full spectrum (lower lumen) cfl bulbs

  • Hey I've found the old broad spectrum phosphors by Trisonic and older sylvania bulbs like their three-way bulb at 33 watts outputting about 2000 lumens compared to 17 watt bulbs at 1700+ lumens with red and green spikes that then change to include the rest of green to violet.

    I've found many old cfl bulbs with similar brightness ratios so I think I'll be able to use many of these older bulbs for wake up lights. I'll stick to led / incandescent for night time lights.

    On this note I've found a very cool website that shows a lot of these older lights that I'd like to include here.


    I found this very helpful for these older cfls for superior light quality versus daylight bulbs with newer phosphors.

  • Did you succeed in finding some old cfl bulbs to use?

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