Ability to hue shift blues?

  • I've been playing a lot of doom(1993) and there's some cool mods where I can control hue and whatnot. I notice if I shift the hue of all the blues closer towards green, but still small enough of a change to still recognize it as blue I'm able to see the blues at the lowest flux setting. Otherwise anything that uses blue is just going to be PURE BLACK if your flux is set low enough. The greyscale option on flux at least allows me to see the shading of blue elements, but it would be nice to actually be able to see colors rather than making everything greyscale just so I can see how blue textures are supposed to be shaded.

  • Our "fallback" mode does a much better job here, but it affects screenshots so we have made it hard to get to. We'll probably be exposing it more directly in the future.

  • how can I get to that fallback mode?

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