HUE PC Sync and F.Lux, Hue sync doesn't see temp changes.

  • As stated in the title, When trying to run the HUE PC Sync software with some of the entertainment lights, the software detects the non-altered color temperature by F.LUX on the PC. So when I'm browsing web-pages and YouTube and the like, I'm looking at a F.LUX color adjusted screen (mostly orange and dimmed a bit on a screen with normally white edges) and the HUE PC Sync software is seeing BRIGHT WHITE and is blasting the lights. Tried a few different sync apps and they all do the same thing. They are supposedly looking at the default output from my graphics card but don't seem to see the changed colors.



    Any insights on why this is and a work around?

    Just some extra info:
    Flux hue control works fine but obviously doesn't match content like the hue sync.
    HUE sync is preferred due to game and entertainment consumption, but changing from a game to regular pc useage at night results in being blinded by the lights at full white brightness.
    Both F.Lux and Hue Components are up to date with newest firmware.
    Seems essentially the opposite problem most people have (such that many people seem to have issues with image captures being orange when they don't want them)


  • Did you find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same issue

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