4.111 & 4.112 Connected Lighting Post Url Not Working (1909, 1803)

  • I'm trying to call a SmartThings webCoRE piston from f.lux to set the color temperature of RGB strips. The piston works correctly--verified by calling it via Insomnia and Postman as {url}?ct=5000&bri=0.5.

    I've tried 4.111 as well as 4.112 on Windows 10 1909 and 1803, and both behave the same. F.lux is not calling the connected lighting URL defined in the settings. I've tried it both with the 1 minute poll checked as well as unchecked. WebCoRE reports when the last execution was called, so I can verify that f.lux is physically not calling the URL.

  • Any ideas, anyone?