Artificial sunset times

  • At my latitude, after daylights savings time, the sun is setting around 4pm in the winter, with dark sunset lighting around 3pm. It's depressing. I purposely use a full spectrum lamp from 3-8:30pm in order to simulate a sunset time closer to the early summer around here. It's a big help.
    Is there an option to manually set the "sunset" time in flux to match this? Maybe a way to tell flux to act like it's always summer?
    It's kinda weird that often the way I realize it's time to turn on my full-spectrum lamp is when I notice flux dimming my computer. I get the idea behind trying not to mess with my natural circadian rhythms, that's the whole reason I downloaded flux, but sometimes a natural healthy rhythm is specifically not matching conditions outdoors and that's what's negatively impacting my circadian clock, not the computer screen.

  • I've asked for this years ago. I know there's some helpful settings to set your earliest wake time, a "Far from the Equator"-setting, "Working late" etc. but so far the only solution for me here in Oslo is to set the location to much farther south most of the year, so that the screen dims a few hours before I need to go to bed, and is nice and bright in the morning when I have to start work and try to be awake before the sun comes up.

    I really don't understand why it can't be a simple way to just set f.lux to dim and bright at custom times that can be used the whole year. It would be so much easier than experimenting to find a good location that somehow match the times I need the screen to be bright or dim(warm)..

    For example if people up north in Hammerfest would let their lives be controlled by the sun, they would get up at 10am and go to bed shortly after 1pm now in January, and in mid June they would stay up 24h because the sun never sets.

    Maybe in the Stone Age humans were able to schedule their lives after the sun, but nowadays we have to schedule our circadian rythm to match modern life, and the ability to control lighting inside helps a lot when you live far north (or south) and all other tools I use lets me control 100% when the lighting changes. I wish f.lux would let me, too.

  • I'd love a proper explanation as to why the programmers refuse to give this clearly well-wanted feature. I was just googling for solutions and found threads from '15 and '17.

  • @GreyName Me too. It's mind boggling how they just ignore it, or give the very lame excuse "We know better than you what's good for you". They obviously haven't been to parts of the world where it's sunny all night through in the summer and no sun at all whatsoever in the winter. Where tuning the light inside and on computer screens is the only option to normalize daytime hours and fight against winter depression and summer insomnia.