Artificial sunset times

  • At my latitude, after daylights savings time, the sun is setting around 4pm in the winter, with dark sunset lighting around 3pm. It's depressing. I purposely use a full spectrum lamp from 3-8:30pm in order to simulate a sunset time closer to the early summer around here. It's a big help.
    Is there an option to manually set the "sunset" time in flux to match this? Maybe a way to tell flux to act like it's always summer?
    It's kinda weird that often the way I realize it's time to turn on my full-spectrum lamp is when I notice flux dimming my computer. I get the idea behind trying not to mess with my natural circadian rhythms, that's the whole reason I downloaded flux, but sometimes a natural healthy rhythm is specifically not matching conditions outdoors and that's what's negatively impacting my circadian clock, not the computer screen.