Custom colors not very "custom"

  • Greetings. I'm new to the forum.

    (if this is not in the correct category, I apologise)

    I have a question about the Custom Colors setting.

    Is it (or will be in the future) possible to choose freely the temperature for each "stage"?

    I can only choose higher temps for Daytime, lower for Sunset and even lower for Bedtime.

    Here's a few odd facts about me:

    • My eyes hurts if I use low temps at bedtime, except for the maximum (9000+K).
    • Since I wake up at 5 AM and it's still dark, the "Daylight" setting is not adequate.
    • I believe these odd feedbacks from my eyes/brain is a result from having a crappy monitor from early 2000's (my monitor is a HANNS-G HU196D).

    Regardless, I would like to setup, if possible, the following:

    Daytime -> 8000k
    Sunset -> 5000k (or around that)
    Bedtime -> 9300k
    Earliest wake time: 5 AM

    I have been using various Custom Settings but my eyes always hurt. I also tried the Recommended and even the Grayscale mode. Nothing helps in the long run.

    I'm going to try, for the next days, the following:

    Daytime -> 9300k
    Sunset -> 8000k
    Bedtime -> 5000k
    Earliest wake time: 5 PM (instead of AM)

    If my eyes don't complain, great. But I would still like to REALLY customise...

    If anyone has information about what I asked, that would be great.
    If anyone has suggestions for me to improve my PC time, awesome.

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