f.lux retains processes which can't be restarted

  • Hi,

    Since Windows 10 night light is very bad (not activating even when programmed), I went to use f.lux like I used to do with Windows 7.

    However, everytime I close Twich desktop app, I cannot reopen it because it says that the program is still running and can't be reopened. Weirdly enough, as soon as I close f.lux, it does work.

    Same goes with some programs like whatsapp or spotify when they update. They both complain that they are being used and they won't update.

    What's going on?
    Thanks a lot


  • We do open each process one time (and close it) to find its filename for "disable by app". Do you happen to use that feature? We should not keep these handles open, but it's always possible that things get messed up.

    If you're inclined, you could use Process Explorer to see what f.lux is doing:

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