Lenovo Vantage forces screen to flicker

  • Hi,

    I have two ThinkPads from different times, on both I have Lenovo Vantage. On both 'eye care mode' is disabled (Lenovo's take on f.lux).

    On both screen flickers (changes color) when I either:

    1. click on Lenovo Vantage panel on taskbar
    2. open Lenovo Vantage application

    Not sure this is fixable on f.lux side, but wanted to make sure this issue is known.
    Maybe I should better contact Lenovo on this issue, but in my country they don't offer email support, only phone, so I really don't know how notify them.

    If anyone reading this has a way to contact Lenovo, your help will be appreciated and give us a better working f.lux.

  • hm, double-checked this and somehow one ThinkPad (older one) seems okay.
    the newer X1 Carbon 6th (Intel HD 5500 graphics) however has this problem perfectly reproducible.

  • the Lenovo team kindly provided a work-around that stops the problem here.

    so if anyone else struggles with this problem, give it a try.

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