New user impression and some problems

  • Hi,

    I've been a fan of Night Shift since the day if was introduced and just yesterday discovered f.lux. Now I wonder how I lived without it, the three-part division (day/dusk/night) makes a huge difference compared to Night Shift/Night Light 2-stage one. That's what I've been missing for a lot of time.

    However, there're a couple of problems I faced. Currently I have two Windows laptops, on both drivers are up-to-date, of course, both are running Windows 10 1903. Both utilize an ICC profile made by hardware calibrator.

    1. One is equipped with Intel UHD 620 graphics and utilizes the Modern Standby. When I close the lid and open it again, the lock screen is not affected by f.lux (i.e. blue and bright at night, even if it was warm before lid close). Once I log in, f.lux takes effect. But this blue lock screen really breaks my eyes, so I deleted f.lux on that computer for now. Hope that this can be fixed though.

    2. Other one has Intel HD 5500 graphics. This one has lock screen disabled. Sometimes when I close and open the lid, the screen doesn't go to blue, sometimes it flickers blue on lid open and then quickly returns to yellow. IDK why.

    If I could provide some additional details to help fixing these problems, I would be happy to do it.

  • P.S.
    3. somehow geolocation does not work on both computers and directs me to other country. no problems accessing it from other apps though (like weather or maps or Firefox or Night Light), I've never seen such a result from other apps.

    1. I'd really wish the time between dusk and bedtime was also configurable. Yeah, I know, I can set up my wake time accordingly, but this results in wrong bedtime/wake-up notifications and circadian rhythm calculation (I believe).

  • I would like to take off from my list point number 4 after a day with f.lux. it seems perfectly okay.

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