Make Enable/ Disable by single-click

  • Currently Enable/ Disable is complicated that we have to go to second level of right click menu in the systray icon.
    That is cumbersome, and reading so many options and understanding them and acting is a burden for a simple thing.

    We are just going to something and we don't want flux's screen coloring for some time. so we want to disable it for the time being without bothering to know beforehand how long we are going to take doing that task, then we will enable it manually.
    Why would anyone want it to be disabled for Sunrise, and why would anybody want to disable it for exactly one hour? how sure can someone be that his work is finished in exactly one hour, not a second less, not a second more?

    So, your forcing "for one hour" or "till sunrise" is not required.

    just give a simple Disable/ Enable button there, if we tick it, flux goes disabled, when we want to enable flux again, we will manually tick that again.

    so please consider making Enable/ Disable by single-click.


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