Alternative to [Alt+End] for disabling?

  • My laptop keyboard does not have an [End] key. Is there any way to change what the keyboard shortcut is? If not, could you please add this as an option in an upcoming update? Thanks!

  • What kind of keyboard do you have? Send a link?

  • every keyboard is having End key, actually same key at two places, one above cursor movement arrow keys and another at numeric keypad.

    Please search and find where are end keys in your keyboard.

    Though I concede with your requirement, that some fixed keys (AltEnd) must not be forced on users. Some users might be using that combo for some other work tht can't be chagned.

    so there should be option to users to set its own keys for all hot keys.


  • @herf @vsrawat
    Wow, I feel blind. Thank you for making me look again. My [end] key is a secondary function to my right arrow key... For reference, I have a lenovo flex 4 (link to keyboard image 0_1572798023273_47b69db4-2f96-4fac-8c61-c39b442f4142-image.png ).

    Thanks again for helping me find the key lol... And thanks for the great product.

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