My computer has become permanently Grayscale

  • I play an graphics-intensive game on Windows 10 and use Flux. While doing game stuff my screen turned grayscale and has stayed that way. I may have been alt-tabbing to disable Flux for an hour; I don't remember what happened just prior to noticing the change.

    I have been troubleshooting this for some time and my best guess is that some perfect storm of setting adjustment, perhaps involving Flux, has cause this (It's not the windows color settings). I've tried lots of things, including setting Flux and Windows to grayscale and undoing that, restarting the computer checking the graphics card, etc.

    Has anyone heard of anything like this? TYIA

  • SOLVED after reinstalling my device driver. Again, if I had to guess it had something to do with certain settings, not easily reversible and involving Flux, going haywire. Please be aware that such edge cases may be a possibility. Thanks for your time.

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