How to reset Hue integration?

  • I recently moved and have a new Hue bridge. I've been trying to link Flux with the new bridge but it seems as if Flux refuses to forget the old bridge which is preventing me from linking the new bridge. When I check the "Philips Hue lights" checkbox I don't hear a chime for pairing but the "Hue lights to use" context menu is present without any sub menus. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling and deleting registry keys "HKCU/Software/f.lux Software LLC/hue" and everything in "HKCU\Software\Michael Herf" based off of an old thread I found. Any suggestions?

  • Hmm - mainly, we trust what's here for discovery:

    If you unplug a bridge it should not show up there.

    The credential (pairing) list is kept in HKCU\f.lux Software LLC\hue so you could delete that if you want to be sure f.lux doesn't talk to an old bridge.

    What's confusing to me is: if something doesn't appear on "nupnp" we should not talk to it, regardless of how many things are in the registry. If you notice something different, please let us know, since it would be a bug.

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