My entire screen went red

  • i was viewing the options on the "effects and extra colors" menu and decided to test some of them. i started with the movie mode, which made my screen slightly brightier, and afther i saw what it did, i clicked the darkroom mode.

    this caused my screen to go almost full red, with some of the black colors of the letters remaining, i managed to go throught the mess and closed f.lux with the task manager but it did nothing.

    in the end, i had to shut down my computer via the power button, and when i started it again everything was fixed.

    i just wanted to let you know about this issue, i'm currently using the 4.111 version

  • Hi Santi - can you post f.lux options > driver info?
    This was a problem with some Radeon drivers a while back, but I thought they had been fixed.

  • @herf My husbands just did the same thing. Finally after removing the battery it returned to normal.

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