It's sad that f.lux Options does not have an Enable/Disable Autostart setting

  • Good evening

    it's sad that f.lux Options does not have a setting to Enable/Disable Autostart.

    If I propose f.lux, then the users usually have a mess with f.lux Autostart:
    it does either not start at all - or it is started twice because they try to fix it. Sometimes, it works - but never for sure.

    If f.lux would have a setting to enable/disable it, then it could always get fixed easily.

    Thanks a lot, kind regards,

  • Can you tell me exactly what you're seeing?

    Here is what we do and why:

    1. always adds itself to autorun on install for the current user, and removes it on uninstall
    2. users can disable autorun using "task manager > startup"
    3. should never start twice - we prevent this from happening

    Also since the f.lux corporate build installs for all users on the machine, it does add a toggle to options. Any user can opt out of autorun, and f.lux will remember the setting. But we do not do this for single users because they have two ways to do it already: uninstall, or use task manager.

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