Feature request: Fix process detection so it properly detects programs that weren't launched by Explorer.exe

  • Howdy!
    This is nitpicking, but what the hell, a minor annoyance is still something a developer would like to hear about.

    Like many other happy Flux users, I've excluded some programs ("disable->when using ...") from Flux. I've added my media players and other color sensitive programs.

    Alas, this detection only works when launching the program directly or double clicking a file associated with it. If I launch a video from any other source other than explorer.exe (e.g. file managers like Total Commander), Flux doesn't detect the media player's running process, even though the EXE name is identical and does work when it's being launched from explorer.exe.

    For example, when I double clicking a video file under any file explorer window, Flux correctly detects "potplayer.exe" and disables itself. If I double click the exact same video file under Total Commander, flux doesn't detect potplayer.exe, as if it's not running at all.

    When using a process viewer such as process hacker or process explorer to look at the process hierarchy, one can clearly see that potplayer.exe is detected properly when running "under" explorer.exe but not detected at all when running "under" total commander. This has led me to the conclusion that Flux only detects processes called by explorer.exe.

    It would be great if it could see excluded programs regardless of the parent process.

    Just my two cents.


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