f.lux broke Lifx with the gradient update

  • Lifx support is still there and 'works' for the most part, for instance when you manually change temperatures or when you double click the timeline and the program quickly runs through the day cycle the Lifx globes change as you'd expect. However, just letting Lifx run normally the Lifx globes are -never- changed.

    I was hoping the gradients would make the Lifx support much more robust since before the update the globes seemed to only register the change randomly 66% of the time and I'd often have to double click and run through the cycle (some times four times) before both my globes would be set appropriately. I was hoping the gradients would have made it such that the globes would be told new colours to change to every 60 seconds or whatever during the gradient period, but instead the opposite has happened and for some reason it never works automatically ever :(

    Windows 7, A60 globes

  • Hi what is the gradient update?

  • @herf I guess whatever caused flux to update itself on my machine on the 27th September. It opened with this URL
    Though the program now reports 4.111. I can't be sure what was running before that.


  • This problem persists with the latest update.

  • OK so I've learnt the terminology I should have used was transitions, and I've figured out that it's only broken when they're set to Slow. When they're set to Medium they appear to work 100% of the time.

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