The program restarts spontaneously

  • Hello. I apologize if the problem has already been discussed here. I have Windows 10. The program periodically restarts spontaneously. It is loaded with the operating system and is in the tray, but periodically closes itself and starts again after 2-3 seconds. The screen blinks, which is unpleasant. Perhaps you can tell me something about this problem. Thank you in advance. And sorry for my English :)

  • Excellent technical support, from which you will not wait for an answer. Thanks a lot :)

  • Is someone going to answer me or not? I'm sick of waiting. Or developers about the program can't tell anything and created a forum for banter over users who have problems with their product?

  • You are being extremely impatient. First you post at 2:24 AM Central Time. I don't know which part of the U.S.A. they live in, but they were most likely sleeping when you posted because you posted in the middle of the night. I know it wasn't the middle of the night for you, but it was the middle of the night in this country.

    Then you post just 8 hours later at 9:42 AM Central Time. Let's assume they live on the West Coast. That would mean you posted at 7:42 A.M. their time. If I'm correct, then that would mean they were either not up yet, or just getting up and getting their coffee trying to start their day. That would mean they hadn't seen your post yet, and here you are complaining about not having a reply yet.

    You have to realize that are waiting on just 2 people (a husband and wife team) and they have very busy lives of their own outside of f.lux. This isn't a business with a team of people.

    So, cool it.

  • @twocables Very impatient, I admit. Yeah, I didn't think about the time. And never would have thought, that such a app developed only family couple. I apologize for the impatience and Express respect to the developers :) Sorry again.
    And Yes, I didn't heat up to cool down :))

  • Can you please post f.lux options > driver info?

    There were a few early builds of Windows 10's May update that would cause memory leaks with f.lux, so we developed a system to restart to avoid using too much RAM. Most of these have been fixed by now.

  • @herf Thank you very much for the answer and for the help. Again, I apologize for rushing you.
    Here is a screenshot with driver info:

  • Okay, usually this restart happens when f.lux detects it is using >128MB of RAM, which is about 10x what it usually uses. This has happened in previous 18362 builds, but we had thought Microsoft had fixed it. If you can, please try

    • run Task Manager>Details, and make sure there is a "Memory" tab.
    • are there any behaviors in f.lux (like moving sliders, etc.) that make this number increase quickly?

  • Another idea. Our "info" window reports only "active" display adapters. We are not seeing increased leak-related crashes with 18362.388 (it's 1:4000 machines or so), so I'm wondering about your specific displays configuration.

    Two things to try:

    1. Run Device Manager > Displays and see if there are any "extra" adapters there
    2. Rollback NVIDIA driver to previous version and see if the behavior changes (but please tell us if it does)

  • @herf Thanks for the answers and for the help.

    1. When I deploy the program (it at me is started together with Windows) - the memory consumption decreases by 10 megabytes (when hangs in a background - 59 when I open - 46)
    2. I have a laptop, so there is no additional information about the display.
    3. A couple of days ago I updated the NVIDIA driver, after that for the second day there is no restart of the program (it used to be every day, at the end of the day, when the laptop will work for about 12 hours).

  • @proger oh interesting, so perhaps the older driver was a problem and this one is better?

  • @herf looks like it :) It turns out, only for good reason you disturbed the.

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