"winding down"

  • Hello,

    I really like flux. It is a little weird that the "body later" thread has been locked. I would have liked to add that "sync-delayed" would make much more sense to me, too. When one is very deep in some topic, some insider lingo develops and it can be a challenge to communicate the right cues to others.

    My usual waking time is very early. I am confused why flux tells me "Circadian response 6% (Winding down)", when I happen to get up even earlier. Two hours before my given waking time (even though night for others) I am hardly "winding down" but doing the opposite.

    Also, can you please link me to documentation for all your settings such as "Recommended colours" / "Working late" / "Far from the equator" / "Reduce eyestrain" / etc. ? I tried to change settings to see what they do, but I am confused about the effects.


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