Brightness Hotkeys not working!

  • Hello, when I use the brightness control hotkeys, the f.lux slider appears and shows the brightness percentage changing, but nothing actually changes. I have an nvidia gtx 1070 with the latest drivers, and windows 10. It used to work just fine, but this issue has been going on for a while now (at least two months).

    I'm sure I need to provide more information, what do you guys need to know?


  • So here's a fun update: I changed nothing about my system (and I'm not just saying that!), and now the brightness control is working. This happened one other time, where it randomly worked for about one week and then decided to not work again. I do not know that it will do that this time. If anyone has seen this before, please comment!

  • Hello, here's a further fun update. The brightness control has been working since my last post, but as of today it is no longer working. I checked for graphics card driver updates and there are none. I am not sure what to check next. Any ideas?