f.lux resets colors even when disabled

  • f.lux resets colors even when it's disabled

    Reproduction steps:

    1. Run f.lux
    2. Disable f.lux
    3. Use another program or the graphics-card drivers' hotkeys to adjust screen colors, gamma, etc.
    4. Change active window (or possibly just wait a while)

    Expected behavior:
          Nothing. Nothing should happen.

    Actual behavior:
          f.lux resets the colors.

    This is really annoying because the reason to disable f.lux in the first place is because you can't see something properly. Even without f.lux active, you still might have trouble seeing something (e.g., you might increase the gamma to see something dark), so when f.lux resets the colors it's really frustrating.

    When f.lux is disabled, it shouldn't be doing anything, not even resetting the colors.

  • There are a few different things that could cause this. I'm no expert, but I spent quite a bit of time researching this issue for my own computer. Here's what I found.

    1. It could be caused by another program absorbing the f.lux color profile. See the troubleshooting section in their FAQ for more info.

    2. Windows 10 has its own tinting software called night light, if you're using Windows 10 I recommend you check that.

    3. Lenovo preinstalls software onto their machines that can cause this issue (this was the issue for me) here's a guide to correct it.

    I don't doubt there's more, but that's what I'm aware of.

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