Adjust color saturation and/or add custom effect modes

  • Hi, I've been using flux a lot over the last few years to reduce eyestrain. I also like to have my display colors desaturated, but not completely grayscale, in order to reduce the distraction amount. Unfortunately, I just got a new laptop and reducing the display saturation also reduces flux's blue light filter, so there's no way for me to have lightly saturated colors + flux at the same time. I'm wondering if it's possible for either

    • Flux developers to add a strength slider to the custom colors, so that the grayscale effect can be applied at 50% for example
    • Users to create their own custom color effects. I looked in the install dir, and it seems like only the preset colors can be edited, and not the "effects and extra colors". Is this true, or is there a way for users to add custom effects.

    Any ideas?

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