DDC control of monitor brightness

  • I currently use f.lux along with a Dell Display Manager to manage the brightness of my DDC capable monitors.
    It would be great if f.lux had an option built in to use DDC to do hardware control of brightness as although the tint changes throughout the day/night cycle, I have to manually change the brightness.
    It's less of a problem during the day, but if I have the monitors set to 100% from day use and then get up to respond to a callout at some point during the night and haven't used it since the day, it feels like I've just had a flashlight shone in my eyes.
    It could be implemented with a day brightness level and a night brightness level, and then as f.lux changes the colour temperature during it's cycles it would slowly change the brightness level accordingly. Obviously the temporary disable options would override this too.

  • Hi @justinj - yes we have an implementation of this from several years ago. We could ship it (with some warnings) in the next big update, but there are some scary rough edges. I will say what they are here:

    1. People who share monitors via docking stations can leave a shared monitor in a bad state (but this isn't an issue with regular desktop machines)
    2. Some monitors flash white (or lose their calibration) when we mess with these controls, but of course you could just turn the feature off
    3. Lots of monitors use EEPROMs with limited write cycles to store settings, so if you make more than 100,000 adjustments to these monitors ever, they stop working.

    Worrying about #3 is the main reason we have not shipped it so far.

  • I'm reopening this topic because I think that this feature could be available (as a lab experiment). I've used ClickMonitorDDC for a long time now and the only thing I ever did that kinda messed up my monitor settings for a while was by using VCP codes directly instead the contrast and brightness sliders. The monitor would instead of jump between HDMI1 and 2 to DVI (which it doesn't have). So I stopped using the commands.
    I've been using that program since 2012 or so on my LG monitor and my monitor still works great..

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