pause flux, and making flux accessible via notification panel or start/task bar

  • I am having difficulty getting flux to show up in my notifications panel at all. I cannot temporarily disable it in the evenings for color sensitive work or videos, which i need to be able to do for short periods of time, and i would like to do without shutting down the program. the only info i have been able to find seems to be from a version of windows from several years ago which directs me to settings in control panel that are not available to me in my current version (I cannot select 'all control panel items and notification area icons' or anything remotely similar. searches in the control panel yielded no results). I won't be able to use this tool without some kind of solution, so i'm really hoping it's been solved an i just have missed it in the forums. would love to hear back on how to get a 'pause' button option, accessible through the notification panel or task bar or somewhere similarly easy to get to. thanks!!

  • If you click the "overflow" (up arrow) in the notifications area, you can drag f.lux out of there into the main list. Does that help?

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