Citrix disabled f.lux ?

  • Hey guys,

    I'm using a Surface Pro 6 (Windows 10 1903) and Citrix Receiver (Citrix Workspace app 1907 for Windows Release Date: Jul 16, 2019).

    I notice that the moment I click my remote Citrix session (which is running full screen), the color changes from nice cosy warm white to scream in your face office whiter than a polar bear in the yoghurt white). This makes me believe either f.lux cannot handle the Citrix session or gets disabled for full screen application. I have looked at the FAQ but didn't find anything relating to this.

    Bug or feature?

  • Can you check if "Disable > for fullscreen apps" is not checked?

  • I have been looking for such an option, thinking there was. However I was unable to find it. However - I just found it to be under the "disable" menu instead of general preferences. Thank you so much.

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