API not posting correct brightness / color temperature when disabled. Stuck as if it were enabled

  • Hello!

    I'm trying to automate my lights to become color accurate when I'm running apps that disable f.lux. (I.e. photoshop), but noticed that the data f.lux was sending was inaccurate, in that it's sending the same data as if it wasn't disabled at all. My monitor will be at 6500k 100% brightness, but it will still send 3400k at 50% brightness regardless. I presume this is just a bug?

    I suggest maybe sending a bool to specify whether or not f.lux is disabled or not?

  • Yes we should expose that as a separate parameter.

    We designed this to handle lighting your "whole house" and not just the lamp near a screen, so if you have a bunch of people living together, they usually don't want to have the lights change because one person disables f.lux :)

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