Does F.lux actually work?

  • F.lux preportedly adjusts the color temperature of the display, which should make it easier to fall asleep. I stumbled upon it when searching for a program for adaptive nightmode on my laptop (I wanted a program to automatically change the brightness based on time of day).

    While it does seem a bit easier on the eyes, the orange hue at night mildly annoys me. I understand that orange is needed to cancel out the blue, but I'm wondering if this is honestly any better than simply turning down my display's brightness.

    I also heard about something called Gunnar which is apparently a similar concept, except it's glasses with orange lenses. However, I checked the cost and they seem a bit pricy.

  • You should definitely dim your display as much as you can.

    f.lux helps adjust the display on a consistent timeline and keeps things bright enough to read, but dimming has a large effect.

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