Laptop with 2 monitors, monitors not working.

  • Hello, after searching through the forums and trying out solutions that have worked for others I have not found anything to resolve my own issue.

    I have windows 7, intel i7-5400 cpu, on my laptop.

    The f-lux application affects my laptop screen but neither of my monitors. This is at my workplace and others are having similar issues. Some people have 1 monitor working halfway, 1 monitor not, and the laptop working correctly.

    We all have windows 7 and I've dived into my graphics/color settings on my computer and have found no way to give f-lux access to manage the colors. I am connected from a usb to a docking station, then the docking station to monitors via 1 Display Port and 1 HDMI.

    Another co-worker has the same setup but 1 Display Port and 1 VGA, the VGA is working for him but not the DP.

    A third co-worker is connected via a direct docking station he set's his laptop on, then a DVI to both monitors and only 1 monitor is working, and his laptop is brighter than his monitor still.

    Any suggestions appreciated

  • Correction. I've worked my way around the docking station issue. Turns out it was dvi to a DP dongle to the docking station rather than just the DVI. The DVI's work for it. As for the other two issues, without the docking station it appears impossible to solve the issue because I can't get any other connection than USB, HDMI, or DP. But VGA and DVI's seem to work well.

    To sum:
    The software itself doesn't seem to have any issues. However it is completely dependent on the cables.

  • oh, I had the same problem with my laptop :( but when I switched to Windows 10, the problem was solved by myself, I don’t know why. on the official website there is the ability to set the view without data loss, try

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