f.lux and Windows Focus Assist

  • I am not entirely sure of it, but I am wondering if f.lux isn't making Windows think an app is being executed in fullscreen all the time.

    This would explain why I always have an annoying Focus Assist notification appearing on Windows 10.


    Focus Assist blocks distracting notifications from being displayed when fullscreen applications are executed, and it posts its own notification to the notification center when activated.

    If it's an issue with f.lux, it would be very cool if it could be fixed, because it's really annoying.


  • Actually it might not have anything to do with f.lux.

    It seems Windows Focus Assist always activates when the Desktop is displayed for whatever reason...

    It might be a bug with either Windows 10 1903 or NVIDIA's GeForce Experience in-game overlay, as I've seen on some forum.

  • @ViwwiV did you figure this out? I'm having the same issue

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