Flux and hardware calibration

  • Hey, i need a clarification.
    Bought a Spyder5 calibrator. Created ICC profile with it. Their software comes with some 'profile loader' that loads ICC and it writes it into a GPU LUT(which should help with full-screen gaming). Of course their program doesn't work with flux. But i'm wondering if flux does the same profile lut writing into gpu when its running both in day and night hours?
    Asking that for gaming purposes mostly because most of the games don't load icc and as i understood having it in LUT might help in fullscreen. Also turned flux off for fullscreen apps. Does is still keep the icc loaded in that case?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Here's what we wrote into the FAQ - should still be right?

    If you use a Spyder, the software profile loader may cause f.lux to flash periodically. You can disable the Spyder software on startup, and use f.lux instead to load the profile. Also, when you're calibrating a display, you'll want to do the opposite and quit f.lux before you do.

  • So does f.lux load profile into LUT tables?

  • Yes, and we try very hard to keep it loaded also.

  • Ok, 2 last questions:

    1. Is it still loaded when its daytime?
    2. Is it loaded in fullscreen apps if i did the 'disable for fullscreen apps'?

  • Yes and yes.

  • Awesome! Thanks a lot for the support!

  • Update: I have to admit, it works perfect for my needs!

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