LIFX transitions often don't work.

  • I saw on the smart lighting board the thread about LIFX issues, but I thought that this was a better place to put this on your eyes.

    First let me start by thanking you for your work on this tool, I've really enjoyed the benefits of reducing the blue light on my devices, I've used f.lux since the early days I really love it.

    I would like to request a bit of support with the LIFX lightning option, the feature seems like it wants to work but it's running into a wall somewhere. The transition between phases seems to be having an issue since it's implementation for me. I've noticed that the LIFX integration works only about 15%ish percent of the time, the rest of the time, it either doesn't work at all, or only works when I first boot into windows again. It goes without saying that I don't expect it to function while it's in sleep, but I did expect it to work while the computer is on, and connected. Please let me know if I can clarify the behavior at all.

    I haven't been able to pinpoint what causes the issue, possibly the Windows 10 sleep, but I've had the same issues from a fresh start.

    I will provide the details of my environment.

    Router: Netgear R7800 with the latest stock firmware
    Computer: Asus Zenbook S UX391FA, in case it matters in has the Intel Wireless-AC 9560
    Latest A19 LIFX+ Bulbs with the latest firmware

    The bulbs are connected to the 2.4ghz network, and the laptop is connected to the 5.0ghz. They are in the same VLAN and I can ping the bulbs. I've created a script to ping their IPs since login, and I've consistently been able to ping all 4 bulbs.

    Even when I have my modem turned off, I can still get the lights to change via API, and the apps on the phone and computer, but most of the time, f.lux refuses to set the lights, and even less to do the transitions.

    Thank you ahead of time for any support, and for the inconvenience this request may cause.

  • Pretty consistent for the last few days, only working when the laptop wakes up, but does not transition while awake.

  • thank you - we will look into this more and fix it.
    I don't think we tested sleep enough especially.

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