Software Mouse mode is broken by MTG Arena

  • I have 2 screens & Windows 10 (with all updates installed.)
    I have f.lux v 4.104
    I have "Software Mouse" setting enabled the whole time, and it works perfectly in general.

    I have recently started play the popular game "MTG Arena".
    Whenever I open MTGA, the cursor outside of MTGA goes back to being white. Either when I mouse over to the other screen or after I close MTGA.

    When I open f.lux Options, the "Software Mouse mode" is still set as enabled, but isn't working.
    If I disabling and re-enabling "Software Mouse" in the f.lux settings, then it starts working again.

    Clearly MTG Arena is interfering with the cursor settings in some manner; is there anything that f.lux can do to prevent this?
    (Have also raised it as a bug with MTGA, but I'm not hopeful that they'll bother doing anything)

  • I have the same issue through the game Gwent. I'm on f.lux 4.118 and similar setup as OP.