Transition is too fast - Time of day bug?

  • V4.104 under Win7.

    I've noticed that the dimming at sunset sometimes becomes almost instant, rather than over a few minutes. It's annoying. The setting for transitions is still set to "Slow, Natural Timing". This rapid transition is even shown on the display, along with a weird rising pattern between sunset and night. It doesn't happen all the time, only occasionally.
    I have a progressive delayed sleep cycle, so my sleep pattern changes constantly, and I spoof my location to get the timing I want from f.lux. Could this mismatch between "location" and the computer clock be causing this weird pattern? Ie, specific combinations of time-zone vs earliest-wake time cause the issue? If so, you might be able to repeat it.

  • Can you email us your full settings (including location) and we'll take a look?


  • How do I export settings?

  • uncropped screenshot should help :)

  • @herf Ah, just that. Done. Sent. Let me know if there's anything else that'll help you narrow it down.