f.lux no longer disables in full screen

  • Windows 8.1, using f.lux 4.103. I have the option checked to Disable "for fullscreen apps". When I press F11 to go full screen in my browser, it used to disable f.lux. Now my mouse pointer just goes white and that's it. Same thing happens in Brave, Firefox, and Chrome.

  • Also, just a little bit ago, I was using my browser, not in full screen, and my screen suddenly went bright and then slowly dimmed back down to its reddened state.

  • It appears f.lux has updated itself again to 4.104, and the full screen issue is fixed. The second issue I mentioned might have happened on the new version, or it might have happened as f.lux updated itself to the new version, but since I don't have control over updates, and f.lux doesn't report when it last updated, I have no way of knowing. It is a basic requirement that I be able to freeze versions of software on my computer, in part so that I can give accurate feedback and bug reports.

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