Monitor turns black when I open some app that has low luminosity

  • My Windows 10 is on Dark Mode and when I open, for example, the Settings panel, maximized, with focus on it, the screen starts to dimm of, lowering its luminosity / brightness (I don't know which term is appropriate, english is not my main language), until its completely dark.

    It "turn on" again when I close the Settings panel, or if I place another program in focus over it, or if I remove the panel from its maximized state to a fraction of the window. Also, fullscreen YouTube video on Chrome causes the same problem, and YouTube is also in Dark Mode.

    This occurs with only one of my monitors, both PnP, identified as "Generic PnP" for f.lux. One is Samsung SyncMaster BX2350, and the other is one Philips 236V. The Philips is the one that face this issue.

    Below the f.lux settings screen:


    The f.lux driver info screen:


    The f.lux about screen:


    *(Note: I've checked "Join f.lux beta to test new releases just now, when I opened the screen to take the screen shot).

    Thanks for your efforts, f.lux is a great app and helps me a lot! Cheers!

  • We currently don't do anything that is content based.

    Can you check the Philips on screen menu and see if there is any "dynamic" or "adaptive" kind of setting? These things can be very aggressive depending on the kind of content.

  • Hello there, thanks for your reply, herf.

    Indeed, the "Dynamic Contrast" option was active and, after it, the problem was gone.

    I'm not sure if this occurs only with v4 because I don't remember if this monitor option was active before. I use f.lux since 2014 and I have this monitor since January 2015, and this never occurred until now.

    Maybe, because of the nature of this option (as you pointed out), together with the dynamic nature of f.lux, which is reacting to the luminosity of the program active, both progressively interfere in each other: one adjust, then the other too, recursively.

    Maybe some analisys over the periodicity with f.lux is changing luminosity, to prevent this cycle from occurring, i don't know, it's only a suggestion.

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