Darkroom mode makes screen unreadable

  • Hey there, I was trying out various modes and stumbled upon darkroom mode, which turned my screen almost completely red. I'm talking, everything is red, i can hardly make out letters. I've tried this 3 times now, every time the screen turns almost completely red. I managed to turn it back to normal by killing the f.lux process and starting it again, all 3 times. I don't intend on using this mode, but I thought it was of use to report this.
    Here's a comparison of the actual screen vs what I was seeing (please excuse the crappy pic):


    0_1554584081594_flux screnshot.jpg

  • Please post f.lux options > driver info

  • 0_1554667931159_driver info.png

  • Are you able to update your video drivers? there has been a lot changed in Windows since 2016.

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