The sunrise and sunset is the problem to me!!!

  • Since I used this program, I like it because didn't make me eyestain problem during work at night, but everytime after I used my laptop and hypernated after finished on my laptop, but today I got "The sun is up". WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!? Now on the sky is dark night and a few with the light on some other building CAN YOU TELL ME? WHEN DO YOU TURN THE LIGHT UP?? the correctly answer is the sunset YES!, It isn't show as "The sun is down" or "Now is the sunset" NOTHING THAT I CAN SEE.

    I tried on every ways that's I can do now, press the restart button, close the program and then reopn again, change the location to the most correctly location and now I don't want to uninstall it now, DID YOU KNOW? I waste my work time to write this topic to make you know about it, IT'S WASTING MY WORK TIME!!!! // DID YOU KNOW ? you shouldn't make the tiny problem became to the huge problem! 0_1551862715806_083b8dab-eaca-47fc-af55-1f6cf989cef2-image.png

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