custom brightness hotkeys

  • I mainly use a surface book laptop & changing the screen brightness is quite annoying.
    I'd love to be able to customize the keys for screen brightness.


  • Hi,

    I made a custom tool to customize the shortcuts. Here are the sources (I can provide binary file in case you cannot build it)
    On the first lunch, the app will create a config file (next to FluxPatcher.exe) and quit.
    You just have to edit the config file to customize your own shortcuts and relaunch it.

    You can also find my config file in the root in case you want to see how to use it

    (I do not have enough privileges to upload here, you can find the sources here)

    Spoiler: this is a quick and dirty project, IT DOES modify the flux.exe file, you will have to patch on every new flux releases


  • fwiw: I had the same experience with surface book, so there is a checkbox in the options menu to use the fn-lock'd equivalents, if that helps.

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