Enabling on remote desktop

  • Hi there!

    So i've read in a couple of previous topics that the intention was to create an option to enable f.lux for remote desktop.
    I was wondering whether you've been able to implement that yet.
    I'm on a work computer but our entire system works through remote acces (with no administrator rights).
    I can not adjust screen brightness the normal way so f.lux currently was my only option for reducing eye strain.
    I'm hoping you'll have a workaround since i'm currently heading home with a severe headache every day, my company hasn't really thought this whole system through I suppose.
    Thank you for developing this program, it's been great on my laptop for years!

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm also interrested for this option.
    Due to technical reasons, I cannot install f.lux on client (which is restricted a Raspberry Pi with Remina).
    The version 4.47 is the last version which support Remote Desktop.
    Now I've see the implementation of grey scale and I would love to use this feature.

    Thank you for all


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