Enabling on remote desktop

  • Hi there!

    So i've read in a couple of previous topics that the intention was to create an option to enable f.lux for remote desktop.
    I was wondering whether you've been able to implement that yet.
    I'm on a work computer but our entire system works through remote acces (with no administrator rights).
    I can not adjust screen brightness the normal way so f.lux currently was my only option for reducing eye strain.
    I'm hoping you'll have a workaround since i'm currently heading home with a severe headache every day, my company hasn't really thought this whole system through I suppose.
    Thank you for developing this program, it's been great on my laptop for years!

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm also interrested for this option.
    Due to technical reasons, I cannot install f.lux on client (which is restricted a Raspberry Pi with Remina).
    The version 4.47 is the last version which support Remote Desktop.
    Now I've see the implementation of grey scale and I would love to use this feature.

    Thank you for all


  • @podosta Thank you, I created an account just to post this.

    It wasnt exactly simple to find the 4.47 version, this link works, its from the official servers. You can check by downloading the most recent one and copying the download url and editing it.


    I had to block the internet connection for flux to make it not auto update on first startup.

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