Dark theme/UI option?

  • Will there ever be an option for a dark mode?

    I have Windows and my browser all set to dark themes, with f.lux being the only light app. I often manually adjust the color temperature to my liking. At night, the menu UI is overwhelmingly bright, which means that f.lux (ironically) often causes eye strain.

    A dark version of the program would be great...it seems weird that a night-focused program lacks a proper night mode.

    Other than this and the broken English in the program, f.lux is excellent!

  • There is no broken English. We have discussed this and explained it to death on here. Just read the posts. It's simply an uncommon phrase, and the only reason why you or anyone thinks it's broken English is due to a combination of the fact that they are uncommon phrases and the fact that you don't understand what they mean. Once you understand what they are saying, you immediately realize the English is perfect.

    Anyway, with that out of the way (I'm not willing to get into a discussion about it), I have a solution for you that will result in no longer having to look at the f.lux window: press Alt+Shift+Page Up and Alt+Shift+Page Down to manually change the color temperature.

  • While going through Flux's files I found a file called "flux.psd", it seems as though this is what defines the interface and its colours. I was able to change most of these to have a decent-ish dark theme. It's not perfect and may have some flaws, I haven't really bothered checking everything as I barely need the UI.

    I'm not sure if linking edited files is allowed but here's the .psd

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