QuickGamma being Ignored after Windows 10 re-install

  • Once upon a time, my AOC monitor looked really washed out / bright and I used the calibrate tool in Windows to adjust the Gamma down to something acceptable. But then I was struggling with F.lux constantly resetting this (resetting my color profile I think) and so I had come here and figured out that I should use QuickGamma to adjust gamma - and then all was well for many years, including through an upgrade to F.lux 4 from 3 (well, or at least I know I was using 4.84 right at the end).

    Then I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 after getting a new SSD. Now, I cannot figure out how to get F.lux to stop resetting my gamma / ignoring my QuickGamma profiles. I even followed some theories on here and did an uninstall, reboot, install 3.12, upgrade to 4.84. I learned that v3 seems to work good with the QuickGamma settings, but still when I upgrade to / run 4.84, as soon as F.lux opens, even in the middle of the day, it kills my QuickGamma settings.

    I need the gamma turned down on this monitor so it isn't so bright / washed out, but I love the features in v4 of F.lux too, so has anyone ever figured this out? I read once that

  • Nobody struggles with this but me anymore? :(

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