Color profiles for darkroom mode

  • Hi All,

    I recently got some new usb c monitors in addition to my existing triple monitor desktop setup for a total of 5 displays. It seems when these usb c displays asus zenscreen mb16a units are connected, they overwrite some kind of setting and make darkroom mode red on my main displays. Like some sort of color profile is being written over.

    Instead of inverting the colors where it should be black, there is a red overlay. Specifically, when working correctly the white on a website is turned black, but now it just a red. Works fine when I unplug the usb displays.

    Any thoughts of settings I can look into? I tried changing a couple of color profiles for the displays didnt seem to do much. Is there a specific color profile that works well for darkroom mode?

    Love flux would love to get it working properly again with this new setup.

    Thanks for any help!

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