Upgrade Problems from V3 on WinXp

  • Hi, I am helping out a friend and needs some help

    Some issues arose from an improper upgrade of V3 which now results in the monitor fluctuating from dim to glare consistently throughout the day. From what I discovered from my own investigation the new installation was installed over without exiting or uninstalling V3 and resetting to Windows Color Temperature Limit Defaults. Could this be the issue ?
    I remember there seems to be no such problems when V3 was first installed
    I introduced her to fLux so now I'm kinda the bad guy here

    So I uninstalled V4 and then as much as possible to calibrate the monitor back to its default state and then installed V3, uninstalled, reset to Windows Default > Yes and then reinstall V4
    Did this seceral times over the previous two weeks
    Problem now is that fLux isn't stable on goes dim and glare on a steady schedule, about two to three minutes in between states even when V4 is set to Normal all the time.
    From what I can see from my own setup, this one seems to be fluctuating from fLux Classic settings (Dim) and the New Version settings (Glare)
    Difference looking about 6500K and 9300K

    The Monitor is Sony CPD-G520, Graphics is a nVidia GTX520
    Specs is as follows :

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)
    DirectX version: 9.0
    GPU processor: GeForce GT 520
    Driver version: 365.19
    DirectX support: 9
    CUDA Cores: 48
    Memory data rate: 1070 MHz
    Memory interface: 64-bit
    Memory: 1024 MB
    Memory type: DDR3
    Video BIOS version: 75.19.1B.00.00
    IRQ: 16
    Bus: PCI Express x16
    Device Id: 10DE 1040 00000000

    Another thing, it is using a mobile device as a modem connected to the USB port, would that be an issue too ?
    Any help is appreciated

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