f.lux staying red until long after sunrise

  • After buying some Hue lights recently, I tried going back to f.lux (Windows Store version) and while I don't have it controlling the lights, I have them set on a similar schedule and have found it to be extremely beneficial for my sleep.

    However, f.lux is not so good first thing in the morning.
    I am quite far north, so right now sunrise is around 9am.

    alt text

    When I wake up at 6am, f.lux is still at 3200K for 2–3 hours, and gradually warms up to 6500K around 10:30am. That's four and a half hours!
    If I use the "disable until sunrise" option, it is disabled until 9am and then turns reddish again - around 4500K, since it does not reach 6500K until 10:30am. I then have to "disable for an hour" twice more.

    Once I am awake, I want my screen to be blue. Perhaps a brief transition from ~5000K to 6500K over the course of 15–30 minutes would be good, but it needs to not stay very warm.

    "Disable until sunset" would be much more useful to me than "disable until sunrise" but an additional checkbox that would transition to the "daylight" setting at wake-up time would be even better than having to disable it every morning.

  • A month later, and I'm still having to deal with this every morning.

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