Feature Request - Option to turn grayscale if bedtime (Android Pie - Wind Down)

  • Basically to have certain options for certain times of the day
    For example, the one I would like is if it's bedtime set the screen grayscale

  • Grayscale doesn't reduce blue light at all. For proof and information on what the purpose of grayscale is, read this (source):

    version 4.84: Grayscale mode, distraction-free reading

    November 2018

    This new version of f.lux has a grayscale mode and new key to turn it on: Windows + End.

    You may already know about Tristan Harris and the Center for Humane Technology. They’ve explained how apps mess with our attention, so even the colors used on our screens are chosen to distract you. At first, we didn’t think this problem would be as bad on the desktop as it is on your phone.

    The big surprise is how distracting the icons on the top and bottom of your screen are. These icon colors are the kind of thing you see in candy stores and on fire alarms, but we have to ignore them just to get work done. Without those colors, your computer looks more like a magazine that can help you focus on reading or thinking—it feels different, like a sheet of paper.

    Also, turning your devices to grayscale does not remove blue light, so f.lux will continue to do what it does.

    In this version, there’s also dusk-to-dawn support for people with Hue lights, so you can put Hue lights outside and use f.lux to turn them off during the day.

    There are some bugfixes too.

    Thanks for using f.lux. We hope you enjoy it.

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