Beta 4.86 Suggestion - Per-screen "disable when"

  • Beta 4.86
    Now that f.lux can handle each screen separately, it would be nice to tie that into the "disable for fullscreen apps" and "disable for [application]" features as to just disable f.lux on the screens where that application is present.

  • Didn't know about this new feature so I made an AutoHotkey script.

    I want my laptop screen and desktop monitor, which I sit close to, to not blast me with blue light at night, but I can't watch a movie on a projector or TV with f.lux over it. The workaround in f.lux (4.84) is "disable for fullscreen apps". I don't want it on all the time though, what if I fullscreen a browser window to read at night...

    So I made this script to toggle the "disable for fullscreen apps" preference automatically when certain displays are connected:

    Disable f.lux when display connected

  • Just joined the beta, LOL,they're grabbing the wrong names for the devices. The menu just shows "Disable for Generic PnP Monitor" twice.

    WMIMonitorID class has property UserFriendlyName, check script above. It's true I've found that not all displays have this property, the laptop's built-in display doesn't show up, so a fallback is needed.

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