flux/explorer cpu usage bug and various suggestions

  • the version tested is v4.84 on Windows 7 x64.

    1. first a bug and a rather weird one: when flux window is on the screen, it lags while dragging and explorer.exe cpu usage is raised to 10%. once minimized, explorer's cpu usage is back to 0. if you kill explorer process, flux doesnt lag. any ideas?
    2. it seems like vignette mode only works on 1st monitor with intel integrated graphics.
    3. bedtime slider doesn't push daytime slider while dragging, so you can actually drag bedtime to max and daytime will stay at min. either unlock all sliders or make locks consistent.


    1. slider has to be reworked to shift/scale the whole graph, rather than only the current phase. this could be an alternate fast editing mode.
    2. currently slider doesn't react to automatic changes, cause you see, when it switches from day to night and everything goes orange, the slider doesnt move, and if you'll click it now, your screen will be white again. cause you didn't adjust the position of the slider to the lower value. this problem wouldnt even exist if slider acted like previously suggested.
    3. ability to follow "natural" lighting curve, drawn in the background.
    4. rainy day mode. i mean, rainy days are much darker due to the lack of sun, but flux doesnt know about it. we could just have a checkbox that would automatically shift/scale current curve by custom set xx%.

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