Request: Instant Fullscreen->Desktop Transitions

  • Long time user here, been using W10's night mode for a while, but had to come back to flux for the much better controls. Love the new options to disable flux in certain modes like full screen, however I have run into a bit of an annoyance.

    Current setting:
    Slow natural transitions and disabled in full screen programs.

    Since games and movies are often very dark or colorful I generally don't need flux while in them, and then switching to a bright white browser/desktop/whatever is extremely blinding while waiting for flux to gradually turn on again. With slow transitions, my screen is blinding white for several seconds and I actually had to look away. Yes, I tried using the fastest setting as well but even on the fastest setting, it's still a full second of blinding white light. I've pretty much developed a habit of closing my eyes as I exit full screen programs and I feel really silly doing it.

    Even while Alt+Tabbing, the tiny white thumbnails of open windows can be quite harsh on the eyes. If flux could instantly enable itself to full effect any time a full screen program loses focus, I feel it would be a lot easier on the eyes. Thanks. :)

  • I'd like to second this request. And I would like to add that it is annoying that if you want to have the fast transition to go from a movie to firefox for example you automatically need to have the fast transition around sunset. It would be awesome if these could use two different transition settings. Maybe put this in advanced setting if most people won't need it.

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